"I want to be able to create professional graphics, documents and logos as well as a fully trained designer... but I don't know how!"

If this is you, read on. Or even if you have received some training, but have forgotten a lot of what you were taught, or didn't get the whole package, you could probably do with having a resource like this at hand.

"Wow, it more than paid for itself in one single idea!" Gerard Basson


why produce documents like this when you can create something like this

Do your page layouts look like wordprocessor templates?
Do your graphics have a 'homemade' feel to them?
Are you being asked to produce something at work that's just too hard for you, and it's causing you stress?


you could create logos like this

Do you want to learn the secrets and techniques of Professional graphic designers, illustrators, Photoshop users and artists?
Do you want to discover what it is that makes amateurs stand out – and how to avoid these mistakes in your own work?
Do you want to go up a pay grade (or three) by acquiring the skills of an EXPERIENCED graphic designer?


Electric ArtistHi, my name is Gary Crilley and I'm known as the Electric Artist.

I have been creating computer graphics, performing feats of graphic design and inflicting logos, illustrations and websites on the world since the 1980s. (Well, maybe not websites... but you know what I mean.)

I work primarily in Adobe products (and former Macromedia or Aldus programs), including Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Dreamweaver, with the odd side road into CorelDraw and a few specialist programs like Painter.

Most of my writing and training, however, is application-independent, as well as platform-independent (could be performed on either PC or Mac). That means that whether you work in a ten-year-old version of Publisher or Adobe Photoshop Elements, or the very latest InDesign CS4, the knowledge is still relevant.

I can give you the skills to create truly professional graphics and design!

I have run a reasonably successful desktop publishing business for seven years. But there have always been jobs that were beyond my ability, and I worried that the service I offered my clients wasn't a complete one.

A friend put me onto the Learn Professional Graphics course, and I can now offer logo design and much more. My charge-out rate has gone up from $25 an hour to $80 an hour, and my client list is growing!

Thank you Gary. I didn't know an older woman like me could do half this stuff...

Barbara Page, Page Bytes

Knowledge is the key...

I can't snowboard, but if you can, then your snowboarding knowledge would be invaluable to me should I wish to learn from you.

What I can do, though, is create professional, relevant, cutting-edge documents, books, magazines, drawings, illustrations, photographs and logos that earn me money in the real world. AND I can do it in half the time of much of my competition!

The only difference between a highly skilled computer graphics creator and you is KNOWLEDGE.


create photos like this


I picked up the (Learn Professional Computer Graphics & Digital Illustration) course about six weeks before graduating with my Visual Communication Degree. In my very first job interview it was the things I'd picked up from the course that impressed my interviewer the most. She is now my new boss...

Selina Ruscoe, Design Graduate

I have written and illustrated a world-leading course that gives you the knowledge necessary to achieve your goals in design, illustration, photography or website creation*.

*please note that the field of web design is vast and requires knowledge of several coding languages. My course does NOT teach HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP or any of the contributing codes required. There are many other sources of this knowledge available. What it does teach is the basics of web design and how this knowledge fits with the rest of the course subjects.

Let me present the

Learn Professional Computer Graphics & Digital Illustration course

Here is the knowledge that will take you from complete beginner to fully competent intermediate in a few weeks, and along the way will also teach you some very advanced techniques that are EASY to learn.

ps. This is not a linear, disciplined course like you got at school. You can pick out the bits you want, jump from module to module and basically train yourself at your own pace!

At last I've found a course that covers all my needs. I especially like the prepress sections and the advice on getting good results from difficult scans, something I have to do every day in my job.

The explanations and diagrams are most helpful... even I can understand them. The author's sense of humour made it much more readable than traditional manuals.

I'd recommend (Learn Professional Computer Graphics & Digital Illustration) to anyone with any connection to computer graphics. Compulsive...

Val R, Desktop Publisher

So what do you get?

The Learn Professional Computer Graphics & Digital Illustration course consists of 10 individual books or lessons. Each book covers the bulk of a subject or group of subjects – allowing for the fact that much of the knowledge cross-polinates between topics – and is able to be absorbed in isolation.

It is recommended that a complete beginner start at the very beginning and work their way through the course, but as many users have done, it's possible to jump straight to the area that interests you.

Book OneBook One: Foundation and Theory

This is the introduction to what makes graphics possible on a computer, and gives vital background information for anyone wishing to spend time in front of a big screen manipulating pixels and vectors.


History of Computer Graphics, Development of Postscript, Colour Theory, Bit Depth and Resolution, Differences between Bitmap and Vector, Speed, Efficiency and Perception, Development of Desktop Publishing


Book TwoBook Two: Tools and Workplace

In this book we look at the tools required for the creation of computer graphics – software and hardware. And we take a address such issues as Mac or PC? And do you really need Photoshop? (The answer is most likely!)


History of Personal Computers, Choosing a Graphics Computer, The Great Platform Debate, Printers and Peripherals, Graphics Software, Choosing the Appropriate Software, File Formats, Setting up a Graphics Studio


Book ThreeBook Three: The Raw Materials

Here is where we look at the 'before' to our 'after' and check out the ways in which to start a document, illustration, photograph or graphics file. In this book you will learn to make scans, take pictures and use existing images, as well as starting a document from a blank canvas..


Setting up a page, Operating a Scanner, Interpreting Scanner Specifications, Making Great Scans, High End Scan Settings, Optimum Resolutions, Using a Digital Camera, Differences between Digital and Film, Taking Pictures, Using Stock Photography and Royalty Free

Book FourBook Four: Printing and Prepress

This is the book I've come under the second most pressure to release on its own, and the one that receives so much mail that it shows a huge lack of information available out there in the real world.


Printing Basics, Printer Troubleshooting, PCL and Postscript Languages, Outputting for Remote Printing, Linking and Embedding, General Prepress, Trapping, Spot Colours, Bleed, Imposition, Digital Printing, Prepress for Digital and Wide Format, Adobe Acrobat and PDF Files, Creating PDFs That Print, Using the PDF Settings


Book FiveBook Five: Intro to Digital Illustration

If this course were driving lessons, we're now getting behind the wheel and hitting the traffic! This book teaches the basics of illustration – both vector and pixel – and gives you enough grounding to make a logo, or create a Photoshop original (whether or not you use Photoshop!)


Basic Vector Illustration, Tools, Menus and Palettes, Bezier Curves, Modifying Paths, Groups and Objects, Selections, Transformations, Organising an Illustration, Basic Bitmap Illustration, Starting a New Graphic, Resolution and Resampling, Brushes, Making Selections, Layers and Channels, Vector Tools and Clipping Paths

Book SixBook Six: Advanced Digital Illustration

Now the book that I have been told I could sell for $97 all by itself. This is where we learn the techniques of the experts, and with the right application can become experts ourselves!


Photographic Enhancement, Editing Photographs, Photo Montage, Stitching Photographs, Dealing with Tricky Scans, Combining Pixels and Paths, Converting Between Bitmap and Vector, Creating Realism, Perspective, Building Shadows, Texture, Blends, Outlines, Anatomy of a Digital Illustration


Book SevenBook Seven: Design and Typography

A basic introduction to all things graphic design. A four year degree course condensed into a single book (without the assignments!)


Visual Communication, Legibility, Relevancy, Accessibility, Appropriateness, Space, Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity, Differences between Professionals and Amateurs, Branding, Interpreting the Brief, Working to Budget, Personality, Functionality, Affordability, Uniqueness, Legality, The Presentation. Typography, Type and Fonts, Typefaces, Anatomy of Type, Type Categories, Type Selection, Barriers to Legibility, Typographic Rules, Dashes, Kerning, Ligatures, Word Flow, Special Characters


Book EightBook Eight: Desktop Publishing

Put the knowledge gained in the previous books into practice. Create a document professionally; one that is indistinguishable from the output of major design studios. This, more than any other, is the book that will make you money!


Page Layout, Target Markets, Budgets, Creating a Dummy, Document Grids, Margins, Columns and Master Pages, Text and Paragraph Styles, Flowing Text, Leading, Typographic Rules, Graphics and Text, Bleed, Planning Your Document, Order of Page Creation, Copyfitting


Book NineBook Nine: Web Design

This is an attempt to cram 9000 pages of information into 78. But it serves as an introduction and will give you an indication of where to go from here should web design be your future.


Web Graphics, Screen Specifics and Gamma, Colour Working Spaces, File Formats, Resolutions, Limitations of Web Design, Introduction to HTML, Text and Graphics, Stucture of a Page, Dividing the Screen, Web Colours, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Rollovers and Hot Spots, Hyperlinks, Web Design, Index Page Specifics, Functionality, Web Design Software, Putting Curves in Pages


Book TenBook Ten: Marketing and Design

All the design and illustrative skill in the world will count for nothing if you don't have at least a modicum of marketing knowledge. If your brochure is successful in selling your client's product, you'll get more work. If it's well-designed, but fails on the marketing front, you might as well not bother.


Marketing, Advertising and Salesmanship, Brand Advertising, Fishing for a Response, Features vs Benefits, The Role of the Designer, Internet Marketing, Sales Copy, Traffic and Search Engine Optimisation, Keywords



I recently completed your course Learn Computer Graphics and Digital Illustration, purchased last April. It's taken me a time to get through it for one reason and another which I won't go in to here.

I thought it was great only wish I'd found it 20 years ago, but then I suppose you probably weren't experienced enough to write it then.

My aim of taking the course, aside from improving my graphic design skills, was to move on from my job in London...

During the duration of the course I managed to secure some extra work to design an exhibition stand, so it helped cover the cost of the outlay, so it paid for itself. I also secured a newsletter project from a friend...

Apologies for the long e-mail and thanks again for helping my iron out some of my rough design edges.

Kevin Hyatt

That's ten books and over 900 pages of training, information and knowledge, all of it completely relevant for anyone wanting to make a living or make a hobby of modern computer graphics.

This course has already helped over 1500 people around the world to further their progress with Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design, Web Design or any of dozens of similar activities.
Now let it help YOU!

I could sell each one of these course books INDIVIDUALLY for $97, adding up to $970 for the set. Which is still a huge saving on what it would cost you to accumulate this knowledge from other sources.

But the entire Learn Professional Computer Graphics & Digital Illustration Self-Paced Training Course is not $970

It's not $570

It's not even $270!

Instead, you could soon be learning Professional Techniques in Computer Graphic Design and Digital Illustration for the bargain investment of $147.

STOP! No, this course has more than paid for itself now and to celebrate I'm dropping the price permanently to a ridiculous $97

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100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

I've built a great reputation over the years and if you get my course and you're not happy, it looks bad on me. So if you're not happy with what you discover from the Learn Professional Computer Graphics & Digital Illustration Self-Paced Training Course, I don't expect ... or want ... to keep your money.

You have 56 days to decide whether or not you're happy with this course.

If not, just whip off an email to me and I'll happily refund your money in full (in fact, I'd be embarrassed to keep it).

But... the e-books you've downloaded are yours to keep no matter what, as a "thank you" gift from me!

Okay? So you really can't lose! The e-books are yours no matter what.


And if you think that's crazy, check out what else you get...

Bonus Book OneBonus Book One:

Productivity and Managing digital graphics

This addition to the Learn Professional Computer Graphics & Digital Illustration Course contains advice and information on working smarter, not harder and looking after your greatest assets - your graphics files.

This 40 page book will have you working faster and more efficiently, saving money while keeping clients and employers happy.

You will also learn the wisdom of backing up, as well as preparing your graphics for storage.

Worth $27


Book TwoBonus Book Two:

Selling Yourself and Finding a Job in Design

This extremely valuable book gives inciteful and detailed information on self promotion and preparing yourself for employment.

In 54 pages you'll learn how to prepare your portfolio and how to find suitable jobs for inclusion in this important piece of your career equipment.

You will also discover the differences between employers and clients, and learn how to prepare for a job interview or to showcase your talents to a potential client.

Worth $27



Book ThreeBonus Book Three:


The last thing you want to happen when you begin your new career is to be sued for breach of copyright or infringing someone else's intellectual property..

This essential 33 page book will prepare you for the rigors of commercial graphics creation.

You will also learn how to safeguard yourself and also your own creations against abuse by others less scrupulous than yourself.

There are people who get this course solely for this book!

Worth $27



Book FourBonus Book Four:

Tutorials and Exercizes

The perfect addition to a rigorous training course is a book full of exercises and step-by-step tutorials for you to follow and put into practice the knowledge you've gleaned from the course.

These 70 pages will show you how to create a vector logo, illustrate with astounding realism and speed, and use the tools that are readily available to your best ability.

Some people have bought this course purely for this FREE book and the rest is simply the bonus!

Worth $47



Book FiveBonus Book Five:

The Colour Plates

This full color book gives high resolution color versions of the most outstanding graphics and illustrations used throughout the course.

Included are examples of the the end results of the tutorials created in Bonus Book 4: Tutorials and Exercises.

This is a stunning addition to your course library and worthy of ordering the print version by itself.


Worth $27



Print posterBonus Six:

Printer Troubleshooting Poster

As many who are new to computer graphics soon discover, creating your file is often only half the job.

Getting it to PRINT is another story altogether.

This handy poster lays out the steps to take when something won't print, and is my free gift to you.

Just print it and hang it by your printer for future reference. It's amazing how many purchasers of the full training course have mentioned the poster and how it has saved them from missing deadlines and losing sleep!

Worth $19




That's a total of $174 in bonuses and they're yours FREE with the course.

$174 worth of Free bonuses for a $147 $97 course that's already way below market value - and if you're not happy you can have your money back!!

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Printed Books

This amazing course is now available in traditional printed format. I have condensed all the books into four volumes, which are available from a third party. If you prefer to hold a tangible book in your hand and keep this full course in your bookshelves for future reference, click the link below.

NOTE: These printed books are provided by a third party and do not qualify for the money back guarantee.
Learn more about the Printed Version

As a largely self-trained graphic designer I have found (Learn Professional Computer Graphics & Digital Illustration) an invaluable source of the many 'inside secrets' and rules of thumb that separate the Industry Professional from the Untrained Enthusiast. If you need real-life solutions to bring your graphics under control then look no further!
Ian Witham, Graphic Designer

If you want a free sample of my teaching and writing ability, go to this site and download your free copy of 25 Essential Photoshop Moves.

Free Photoshop book


Here's a reminder of what you get with the course:

all books


For a mere $147 $97, you're getting the answers you need ... PLUS MORE. Over 1100 pages on hundreds of linked subjects, complete with 800 illustrations and tutorials ALL IN PLAIN LANGUAGE and simple to follow.

Now it's important to note that you can only get this product from me. It's not available in libraries or anywhere else on the net. Just imagine being able to get these answers downloaded to you right away. (Or you can click here to order a full printed course.)

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Wishing you great success.


Gary Crilley
The Electric Artist

P.S. Don't forget, you're getting $174 worth of bonuses for nothing. Everything to get you started in Computer Graphic Design, Professional Graphics creation, Web Design, Photo Manipulation, Desktop Publishing and Digital Illustration.

Finally, if it's not everything I say it is, you can get all your money back. Every cent!

So what are you waiting for?

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